Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cold water monsters

Haven't posted in a while with school and everything. Went out this morning after a huge ice storm last weekend. Water temps in the 40s, clear, and cold. Using a 1/2 oz black and blue jig with a BPS black and blue trailer dragging it slowly across the bottom in shallow water. It has been raining a little but otherwise air temps hasn't gotten over about 45.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Bass

Well, its finally here....yep, Christmas!  I went fishing this morning.  Weather conditions were terrible. Air temps were 50, has been raining for days, and very cloudy as you can see from the pictures.

Water conditions were as usual this time of year...clear and low 50s.

Fishing off a dock with one of the RC STX jerk baits that go 4-6 ft. Its a great suspending model with loud rattles to attract bass. I was using a popular baitfish color that bass hate/love...whichever you prefer. It is herring bone chartreuse.  Mixture of blueback herring with chartreuse on the bottom. These things cast great on light line and spinning tackle. Was using my Berkley lightning rod with 8 lb test Trilene on a shimano 2500 reel. This rod and reel has brought me in more fish than any other combo I've ever had.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cold water, hot bite!

With water temps in the 50s and air temps in the 30s, who wants to get out and fish? Better think again!

Winter is the best time to catch big bass as long as you are patient enough and fish slow enough.  Caught these 2 bass within minutes of each other in a ditch using a 3/8 oz scrounger jig head with a white ice zoom fluke slow rolling it as slow as I could.

Remember to bundle up when going out because its cold out there but the bite is still hot!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Its Fall

So, I have been fishing when I get the chance between school, clinicals, and work. It seems like the water has been turning over forever lately but the topwater bite is pretty good, at least for the spotted bass (not the stripers yet!).

I was using a Zara spook in blue shad color in 70 degree water temp on the chattahoochee river trying to get the stripers to blow up on it and caught this little spotted bass! Conditions were a little windy (its fall) and air temp was in the 50s.

I will keep you Informed of my fishing situation,  stay tuned!

Monday, September 29, 2014

School and fishing

Hey guys. Sorry I've been away again for a while. Im currently working on my ASRT which is an associates of science in respiratory therapy.

Been working a lot of overtime too.

In regards to fishing I've been a few times since Fall started but no bites!

Using spooks and spinner baits in the windy conditions but no luck.  Can't wait until striper season in a little while when they come up and start hitting topwater.

Ill post more pictures of the fish when I catch them.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hello again!

Well its been a while but I've been doing some summertime fishing. A good bit of my bites have been from frogs as I am experimenting with those right now. Check out the pictures! Mostly been working and studying for school.  Currently in respiratory therapy school so haven't had much time to fish like I would love to. Its okay though I can fish later when I get out of school. Enjoy!